Anonymous asked:

why do u only have like 3 posts on ur blog

good question anon :)

because i am  ab ird and since i dont have fingers it take s me a very long time to post and reblog thigns 

here is a picture of me 


Lol @ people who think rape culture is a thing.


Like you could put almost ANYTHING bad in front of the word “culture” and say it exists for shitty reason X.
"OMG America is a murder culture!!1! I once heard someone make a joke about killing someone else, we need to change that!" 
"Holy shit robbery culture is a HUGE problem! Haven’t you seen Grand Theft Auto?! Stealing is literally ENCOURAGED in games like that! Disgusting!"

lol look at this fucking creep





Seriously nothing pisses me off more than seeing this shit all over tumblr. Get over it and let people support whatever they want, regardless of who they are.

(I really hate drawing comics)

i am leg 

You represent the “allies” as these people who stand there waving and looking friendly.  

Where is the panel where the “allies” bully their way into a conversation about situations they’ve never experienced and start demanding that everyone acknowledge their ignorant opinions?

Where is the panel where the white guy waves his “Racial Equality” sign while demanding that people place his desire not to be called a cracker on an equal footing with the fight to end the physical and economic violence which white supremacist institutions wage against people of color?

Where is the panel where the woman, instead of saying “fuck we are so oppressed” [like you think that’s the level of discourse on oppression that happens around here] speaks eloquently and precisely about the concrete details of the oppression she has experienced and witnessed - as in fact people do, all over this website, all the time - and the “allies” all gang up on her to tell her how bad she is making them feel for not reassuring them that she knows that they’re not like that? 

In fact, I think this cartoon has basically nothing to do with what actually goes on on tumblr, and everything to do with the way your perception of those goings in is distorted by your self-centered perspective.  This is some serious ugliness, and you need to check yourself.

check out this cool picture of a moth i found